Social Media Marketing – Why is it so important?

Traditional marketing mediums such as newspaper, yellow pages, radio, TV, etc. are losing their effectiveness. Customers prefer interacting with the business as opposed to being broadcast to. Social media marketing allows businesses to interact and engage with their customers directly and in a much deeper way. Many businesses today, be they small or large consider social media as one of the most powerful tools to improve their brand... Read More

How to Create Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

Mobile Marketing Strategy When developing your mobile marketing strategy you must start with the bigger picture. Mobile marketing strategy should not take place in isolation from the overall marketing and corporate strategy. It should align with and complement the overall strategic direction of the company. So,once we are aware of the overall corporate strategy, then we can move forward with the development of the mobile marketing... Read More

How You Can Create Your Social Media Strategy

Creating your social media strategy consists of four steps. By following a structured process for the development of your social media strategy you are improving your odds that your social media efforts will succeed. Before you begin to create social media strategy, you need to do some basic research. As discussed earlier, research in the social media world consists in large part of listening to the conversations taking place. Benefits of... Read More