Total Marketing?

Total Marketing?

Total marketing seeks to take advantage of a broad range of marketing tools to deliver exceptional results. Specifically, total marketing utilizes marketing strategy, education, automation and digital marketing to provide a complete solution in one place.

Marketing strategy is the bedrock behind total marketing. Striking out and implementing digital marketing without a plan produces poor results. Marketing strategy gives direction and purpose to your marketing, saving resources, driving results, and ensuring there are no strategy gaps. Remember, hope is not a strategy.

Digital marketing is a wonderful tool. The flexibility and ability to create customer engagement in a way previously not possible is game changing. Digital marketing, however, is inefficient. It is based upon a business model in which a 2- 3% hit rate is the goal. If you convert even 2% of the traffic you bring to your website you are doing well. To be clear, this is Acceptable from a digital marketing perspective as it works on a volume-based business model.

Unfortunately, this also means about 97% of the prospects you attract with your digital marketing efforts go to waste. Digital marketing may be effective, but you can’t call it efficient.

Marketing Automation helps to deal with the 97% of prospects that digital marketing ignores. Marketing automation captures the contact information on the 97% of ignored visitors allowing for follow-up and a greater chance for lead generation. Even better, it can tell you what they were interested in allowing for an informed follow-up. Marketing automation is also an essential tool for dealing with Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation.

“The reality is the best marketers are using inbound marketing (digital marketing) and marketing automation together, and their getting great returns.” - Greg Head, CMO Infusion Soft

Marketing education is a major source of marketing innovation. The better you understand something, the more creative you can be with it. The marketing education piece of the total marketing approach is intended to give you the marketing knowledge to be able to become innovative with your marketing. Innovation leads to new strategies (closing the loop) and enhanced growth – on your own!

Total marketing is a complete solution that is easy to implement and offers the potential for improved marketing results. To learn more contact Scott today.

Scott Van Wagner is a senior marketing strategist. His marketing experience includes roles as a Sales Rep, Product Manager, Service Director and General Manager and Author. This practical experience is enhanced by marketing knowledge developed delivering courses on marketing strategy and management at The University of Western Ontario, Brock University, McMaster University and The University of Guelph.

Headquartered in Burlington Ontario Van Wagner Marketing Solutions (VWMS) is a total marketing solutions provider. VWMS provides marketing strategy, education, digital marketing and marketing automation to deliver exceptional results for its customers.