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Think, Plan, Prosper Summary

Develop successful marketing plans that meet your marketing objectives and drive business growth.

In Think, Plan, Prosper marketing strategist Scott Van Wagner simplifies marketing strategy for you across both traditional and digital marketing, allowing you to connect better with your customers and achieve your marketing goals. To do this, Think, Plan, Prosper utilizes a tools-based approach to marketing planning which simplifies learning and aids in the translation of theory into practice. This means better marketing plans leading to better marketing results.

Successful marketing plans in the digital marketing age require a coordinated marketing planning approach that addresses all aspects of marketing. Think, Plan, Prosper shows you how to do this.

Learn how to:

  • Identify the value you have to offer that matters to customers.
  • Develop practical customer personas to guide your content development.
  • Create effective competitive strategies.
  • Determine your unique selling point.
  • Undertake situational analysis, so you don’t get blindsided by what you did not see.
  • Gain control of your digital marketing by developing plans to leverage your website, social media, search engine marketing, content marketing and mobile marketing.
  • Generate brand strategies to protect and grow your businesses most valuable asset.
  • Formulate vision and mission statements that give direction to your efforts.
  • Perform an audit on your existing marketing.
  • Structure your marketing plan.

And much more… let Think, Plan, Prosper gets you started on the path to prosperity.

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