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“Total Marketing” As the name implies, total marketing seeks to make use of all of the various marketing tools to deliver the best possible solution to VWMS customers. Cloud based technology has provided us with low-cost tools that when coupled with a solid grounding in core marketing concepts creates a powerful combination for your business.

Marketing Strategy – It’s About Direction

Marketing Strategy Toronto

All your marketing activities should be guided by a sound marketing strategy and plan. As the German proverb goes “What’s the use of running if you are not on the right road.” A solid marketing strategy means not only better marketing but the potential to develop new ideas and strategies for your business overall. Too often, activities such as digital marketing are undertaken without any thought as to the development of a marketing strategy to properly guide it. As part of the “Total Marketing” approach, VWMS will work with you to develop a marketing plan to support your marketing efforts and reach your business goals.

Digital Marketing – It’s About Attraction

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If you think about it, digital marketing is about attracting visitors to your website. Once there, the hope is that they will be interested enough in what they see to start down the road to becoming a customer. It is true, there can be other uses for digital marketing, but lead generation is the most common digital marketing goal. Digital marketing is indeed capable of generating significant traffic to your website. It also allows for a far closer connection to prospects and customers that has previously been possible. However, it is limited in terms of managing the visitors that it attracts to your website. You need more; you need total marketing.

Marketing Automation – It’s About Conversion

Marketing Automation Toronto

There are studies that have shown that about 3% of all visitors to a website will ever fill out a form and begin the journey towards a purchase. What do you do with the 97% of website visitors that digital marketing does not deal with? The answer lies in the deployment of marketing automation tools. Marketing automation has the capability to identify the other 97% of visitors and qualify them into leads. Engaging in digital marketing without using marketing automation to support it is like floundering around in the dark searching for the light switch. You will eventually find it bit you will have wasted a lot of time and effort along the way. Until recently marketing automation was too expensive for smaller companies. Happily, that has changed, and VWMS can now deliver marketing automation for a very low price. This ensures that the time and money you spend on digital marketing does not go to waste.

Marketing Education – It’s About Innovation

Marketing Education Toronto

So why is marketing education important? Becoming more educated in terms of the wide variety of marketing concepts out there gives you the power to think creatively about them. Simply put, the better you understand something, the better able you are to work with it to accomplish results. Marketing consultants do not have all the answers. Indeed, they know less about your company than you do. If I can help you to learn more about marketing, there is a far greater chance that you will be able to apply what you have learned to your own situation. Ultimately as you become more marketing savvy, you should be able to create revisions to your marketing strategy – starting the whole process over anew. As they say, “Knowledge is power.” Working together in a total marketing approach we can accomplish great things.

VWMS “Total Marketing” – marketing as you need it.