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Marketing Strategy Toronto

Marketing strategy consulting from VWMS is centered on developing a marketing plan to help you accomplish your business goals. Sound marketing strategy leads to growth and provides protection against the unknown – it gives you a chance to see things coming. In my book on marketing strategy, Think, Plan, Prosper I lay out the case that the real value of planning is not the plan itself, but rather that it forces you to think. Working with VWMS on marketing consulting will force you to think about your competition, the external environment, what you have to offer that matters and much more.

Marketing strategy is also a key component of the VWMS Total Marketing concept

Who should use VWMS marketing strategy consulting?

You should consider hiring VWMS as your marketing consultant if you have recognized a need to turn things around, or improve your growth, but do not have the resources in-house to help develop a solution for you and you can afford to hire outside help.

How does VWMS marketing consulting work?

VWMS marketing consulting employs a collaborative approach with the responsibility for developing the marketing plan remaining with VWMS. Before a marketing strategy can be developed an understanding of the current, and desired, situation must be established.

About Marketing Strategy Consulting

Developing a marketing strategy by using a marketing consultant covers a broad range of possible marketing areas. The range of such a marketing consulting engagements could vary from the creation of a marketing plan for the company, down to dealing with a very specific marketing issue. Some examples of marketing strategy areas that I would be able to provide solutions for would include:

  • Branding strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Customer profile development
  • Determining your value proposition
  • Digital Marketing
  • Website design

What does VWMS marketing consulting cost?

Due to the broad nature of marketing strategy consulting it is challenging to quote costs up front. I can develop costing based upon a discussion of the nature of the marketing consulting required. Once I understand the scope of your marketing requirements, a free cost estimate can be provided.

As an independent marketing consultant, I do have the flexibility to tailor financial packages to particular situations.

Why Van Wagner Marketing Solutions?

So why me? Firstly, I have an extensive and varied background in marketing strategy (see Scott’s bio). What this means is that I provide a complete marketing strategy solution saving you time while ensuring a greater chance of success.

The diversity of my strategy background includes knowledge from my teaching and writing on marketing strategies. This theoretical knowledge is complimented by my practical experience developing successful marketing plans for companies. My expertise in marketing planning allows me to deliver exceptional results for you in a short time. You get the right marketing strategy when you need it.

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