VWMS Marketing Lunch and Learn Sessions

Marketing lunch and learn sessions are intended to be informal opportunities to learn more about a wide variety of marketing concepts. Lasting about one hour the sessions can be scheduled for the lunch hour, or at another time convenient to yourself. Marketing lunch and learn sessions include an interactive presentation on a marketing topic of your choice. Whenever possible written content related to the marketing topic will also be supplied as a part of the session. Lunch and learn sessions are free to VWMS customers once a month.

The following are examples of marketing topics currently available for VWMS lunch and learn sessions. Please note that requests for topics not on the list will be considered.


VWMS Marketing Lunch and Learn Topics
Defining who you are to the world.
Mobile Marketing
The hottest digital marketing tool.
Competitive Strategy
How to stand out from your competition.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
How making Google happy makes you happy.
Tag lines
Can you define your business value in a single phrase?
Situational Analysis
Understanding your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and how to turn them into strategies.
Digital Marketing Overview
How websites, content, social media, mobile marketing and search engine marketing are all connected.
Social Media for Business
Does it make sense for business? Does it make sense for your business?
Google Adwords (PPC Advertising)
What it is and how to use it.
Managing the Customer Experience
Understanding how customers develop their impression of you.
Customer Personas
All good marketing starts with the customer. How well defined are yours?
They are the hub of the digital marketing world.
Vision and Mission Statements
Getting the company direction right.
Business Sustainability
What is it and why should I care.
Your Value Proposition
Defining what makes you unique in the eyes of your customers.
Content Marketing
Why is it the most important digital marketing tool?
Innovation Techniques
Tools for generating creative thinking.
Current Marketing Trends
What is ahead for marketing?
Marketing Automation
What is it and should I use It?
Marketing Audits for Dummies
How does your marketing stack up?