VWMS Custom Marketing Education

Custom marketing education programs from VWMS are a great way to enhance your organization’s marketing capability. Custom marketing education provides targeted learning specific to your needs, improving your marketing, employee satisfaction, and results.

You should consider using custom marketing education if:

  • You have a marketing education need for your staff but do not have the budget to support training multiple staff at the prices charged by learning institutions.
  • You have recognized a need to improve your in-house marketing.
  • You have a number of employees that would benefit from further marketing education.
  • You have a specific marketing education need and a limited budget to address it.
  • You have a specific marketing education need but need the flexibility to deliver it at the time and pace of your choosing.
  • You have specific marketing education needs that cannot be met by existing offerings.

You wish to use education and training as a tool to increase employee satisfaction.

You should consider using custom marketing education if:

  • Part 1: Needs Analysis and Development.

    True to its customized roots custom marketing education begins with a review of your particular marketing education requirements. The knowledge gained from the needs analysis exercise is used to develop a customized marketing education program specific to your content needs.

  • Part 2: Program Delivery

    The actual delivery of your custom marketing education program can take a number of different forms depending upon your unique situation. A typical delivery of the marketing education program would include:

    Presentations – from the program designer to the learners.

    Documentation – based upon the presentation material to serve as ongoing reference material.

    Workshops – to allow discussion on the new knowledge gained and its application to your business needs.

  • Part 3: Post Delivery Collaboration

    This step takes place sometime after the delivery of the program material, this step gets the learners and the program designer back together to review progress and issues. One and done learning tends to lose its value over time. By taking this additional step after the learners have had a chance to apply the knowledge and then regroup to discuss their experiences – thus locking in the learning. This collaboration step ensures value for you learning dollar.

  • Step 4: Evaluation

    Once the learners have had a chance to work with their new knowledge and skills, an evaluation will be undertaken to determine the effectiveness of the learning program. Should any gaps be discovered, steps will be taken to address the issue identified. This final step serves to confirm the learning has taken place thereby reducing your risk and providing proof of the value delivered.


What does it cost?

That depends. Given the custom nature of this service a set price cannot be determined up front. The pricing goal of the service is to come in at a price point significantly under the pricing for similar services delivered by the various educational institutions. Quantity discounts and flexible payment options are examples of the types of pricing tools used to see that can train more learners and get the most for your education dollar.

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