VWMS Marketing Automation Document

VWMS Marketing Automation Document

The VWMS marketing automation document explains how you can generate more leads, drive sales and measure your ROI. Marketing automation takes over where digital marketing leaves off. Digital marketing is about driving traffic to your website. Once the traffic gets to your website, marketing automation takes over. This makes sense if you stop to consider the fact that about 3% of all visitors to websites ever fill out a form requesting some kind of action. While this sounds bad, the business model for digital marketing is really based upon low conversion rates (a conversion being an action taken by a visitor to a website), meaning the 3% figure works for digital marketing.

Still, there is something grossly inefficient about ignoring 97% of the traffic to your website that you have worked hard to create with your digital marketing. Marketing automation captures and manages the 97% of visitors to your website that digital marketing ignores. What this means is that you are then able to take full advantage of your digital marketing efforts by generating more leads, converting more leads into sales and gaining an understanding about the ROI from your activities.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is an amazing tool. It allows small businesses with limited staff resources to run complex campaigns successfully and manage their time efficiently. Marketing automation also makes it possible for larger companies to connect with each of their customers in a highly personalized way that is difficult to do manually…

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