VWMS Marketing Automation Case Study

Roofing Co. Leverages Marketing Automation to Generate Leads from Current Customers


Roofing Co. was started 30 years ago and has grown to service a larger portion of the greater Midwest. In the past, their client base has grown substantially through word of mouth and traditional
advertising tactics. However, due to increasing competition and an economic downturn, growth was stagnant over the past few years.

Like a lot of companies, Roofing Co. lost track of its customers and failed to communicate beyond the initial sale. This is due to a combination of the limited marketing resources, and a primary focus on generating new customers instead of engaging with old ones. With a customer base over 20,000, Roofing Co. believes that they could boost sales by reengaging past customers to cross-sell them on maintenance work and other services.

Gross Revenues: $4.42MM
Units Sold/Month: 48
Revenue/Unit: $9,200
New Leads/Month: 500

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