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What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Search engine marketing (SEM) includes organic search (search engine optimization or SEO) and paid search (pay- per-click or PPC), as most commonly recognized through Google AdWords. SEM also includes the social media based paid search services offered by Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

PPC marketing is best recognized, as the ads that appear on the side and the top of a search engine results page (SERP) or the page that appears after you have typed a keyword into a search engine.

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Why do you need SEM?

There are a number of reasons for wanting to make use of SEM. The following highlights some of the reasons behind the importance of SEM.

It Complements Your Website

SEM is an essential tool for driving traffic to your website. For most companies driving traffic to their website, in order to have it convert into an action, is one of the primary goals of their digital marketing efforts. SEM can help to ensure that all the time and money you have put into building your website is not wasted.

The most common mistake I see with companies and their digital marketing is to invest in a website without having any plan on how to drive traffic to it. I call these websites digital islands.

It Complements Your Content Marketing

SEO provides “rules of the road” for content to make sure it can be found. This is similar to the role that SEM plays regarding your website in that it creates exposure for your content related to your company/product or service.

People Use Search – a Lot!

Our shopping habits have shifted to the web. If you accept this, then the value of utilizing SEM tools capable of bringing this traffic to your website is apparent.

Why use VWMS for your SEM?

Firstly, digital marketing is all connected. For example, there is not much point in working to develop a SEM campaign to drive traffic to a website that cannot deal with it. At VWMS, I can manage all of your digital marketing from the initial strategy through implementation and evaluation. You need this approach to be successful with your SEM.

Secondly, VWMS offers excellent options for Both SEO and PPC services. Details of e VWMS SEM offerings are provided below for your review.

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