VWMS Mobile Marketing Consulting

What will mobile marketing consulting mean to you?

Mobile marketing is its own unique marketing channel, just as is social media. Also like social media, mobile blends well with the other digital marketing tools to enhance your overall marketing effort.

While there are undoubtedly situations in which a mobile marketing strategy does not make sense, they are few and far between. Mobile marketing provides for generic marketing enhancements, such as:

  • Connecting with customers
  • Driving enhanced lead generation
  • Improving overall marketing ROI
  • Increasing brand awareness
Mobile Marketing Strategy

Who should consider using mobile marketing?

Anyone with a brick and mortar store is an obvious potential mobile marketing user. This is so due to the ability of mobile marketing to use its capacity to identify the mobile user’s location and deliver marketing communications based upon it.

All other businesses can benefit as a minimum from having a mobile website, right up to developing mobile apps which are incredibly adaptable to a wide variety of marketing uses.

How does mobile marketing work?

Mobile Marketing Tools

There are a wide variety of mobile marketing tools at your disposal. This makes mobile marketing an incredibly flexible tool to use.

Mobile Websites

Having a mobile version of your website is a must. This is because both potential customers and Google are looking for them. Customers do a significant amount of their search activity using mobile devices. Google is well aware of this and includes mobile websites when determining your search ranking. Mobile websites today are typically based upon responsive design.

Short Message Service (SMS)

SMS service is based upon a five or six-digit code. These short codes allow customers to contact you for potential uses, such as:

  • Alerts
  • Contests
  • Linking to a mobile site
  • Subscriptions
  • Text blasts
  • Voting
Multimedia Messaging

This specialized form of SMS allows for messages longer than 160 characters, with the added ability to include audio or visual messages along with the text message.

Mobile Paid Search

Mobile paid search, just as with regular paid search, is keyword-driven. Given this, mobile paid search delivers customers who have a well- defined interest in what you have to offer.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are software programs that can be built and installed on a mobile platform.

  • Customer Engagement
    Mobile apps are truly the gift that keeps on giving, as customers continue to connect with them. Ultimately this deeper connection with the customer helps a business develop customer loyalty.
  • Brand Awareness
    Given that the brand literally lives with the customer with a mobile app they deliver exceptional brand awareness.
  • New Customers
    Mobile apps provide another channel to utilize in acquiring new customers.

Why VWMS for your mobile marketing needs?

VWMS can integrate mobile marketing into your overall marketing strategy to help build upon it to drive improved results. VWMS also delivers strong mobile app development capabilities for those in need of this service.

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