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Why is Social Media Consulting Important?

Social media has changed the way we view marketing. This is in no small part due to how it changes the relationship between the company and the customer. It is the customer that now determines what your brand stands for. Customers do this by engaging on social media based word-of-mouth conversations about your company and brand. If you are not part of that conversation, then you have no chance to influence it and promote a positive image for your business.

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Who should consider using social media?

In general those businesses that sell directly to the consumer (B2C) should be using social media. In a B2C digital marketing environment, social media is one of the more important digital marketing tools.

For businesses that do not sell to end consumers (B2B) social media should also be used, however, its importance in the overall digital marketing mix is lessened.

What does social media do for you?

Social media is capable of performing a wide variety of marketing tasks, such as reputation management, customer engagement, customer service, marketing research and public relations. This broad base of potential users makes social media unique in terms of its ability to cover so many tactical areas.

Social media is also quite different from traditional media. In comparison to traditional media, social media is more flexible, less costly, easier to implement and is conversation based, as opposed to, monologue based. The following chart highlights the differences between social media and traditional media:

Traditional Media Social Media
Challenging archiving Simplified archiving
Controlled publication Self-publication
Delayed metrics Real-time metrics
Detect customers Connect with customers
Environmentally poor Environmentally friendly
Limited media Varied media
Monolog Dialog
Poor scalability High scalability
Relative high cost Relative low cost
Restricted access Unrestricted access
Rigid – difficult to alter Flexible – easy to alter
Sell Tell
Specialized knowledge Ease of use

Why VWMS for Your Social Media?

For social media to be effective, it needs to be properly included into your overall digital marketing strategy. My expertise is in marketing strategy. I can create an effective social media strategy for you that will help to leverage the other digital marketing tools to improve conversion rates and increase your leads and sales.

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