Looking For a Marketing Automation Company in Toronto? Contact Van Wagner Marketing Solutions!

Looking For a Marketing Automation Company in Toronto? Contact Van Wagner Marketing Solutions!

Marketing automation is a software platform that helps you automate your marketing and sales engagement to generate more leads. Leveraging marketing automation will let your sales and marketing team work together to optimize and automate leads throughout the entire sales process.

How does marketing automation work?

One way to look at marketing automation is to see it as a ‘sale funnel.' The broader part of the funnel is generating leads, the second one is driving sales, and the lean part is measuring the ROI (Return on Investment). All these sections run together by optimizing the entire campaign.

How can Marketing Automation help you?

Marketing automation can help you in a number of ways, such as:

  • Assists in retention of customers
  • Creates cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Creates reports on the success of your marketing campaigns
  • Generates more leads
  • Helps in Segmentation
  • Manages all your email marketing campaigns
  • Nurtures potential leads to a sales-ready state
  • Qualifies and prioritizes your leads
  • Strengthens Relationship marketing

We – Van Wagner Marketing Solutions are one of the best marketing automation companies in Toronto. We help you generate more leads, drive sales, and measure your ROI. Our marketing automation takes over where digital marketing leaves. Digital marketing generates traffic for your website, and once there is traffic, marketing automation gets into action. This automation software captures and manages 97% of the visitors coming to your website.

We offer comprehensive marketing plans for all types of businesses regardless of their size, needs, target audience, or budget. We develop a detailed marketing plan that helps them achieve their business goals within the required time-frame. We also offer the best Customer Relationship Management solutions in Mississauga. Our CRM solutions help in improving and developing relationships with existing and potential new customers. Our CRM strategy is beneficial for both small-scale and large-scale enterprises. If you are looking for a reliable company providing excellent total marketing solutions, contact us today. Some of our other services include digital marketing consultation, marketing strategy consultation, marketing education, and marketing automation. You can browse our website at http://vwmarketingsolutions.ca/ to learn more. If you have any queries or concerns, feel free to call us at 905 467 4639.

Scott Van Wagner
Scott Van Wagner is a senior marketing strategist. His marketing experience includes roles as a Sales Rep, Product Manager, Service Director and General Manager and the Author of - How to Create Successful Marketing Plans in the Digital Marketing Age.” This practical experience is enhanced by marketing knowledge developed delivering courses on marketing strategy and management at the University of Western Ontario, Brock University, McMaster University, the University of Guelph and the University of Guelph-Humber.
Headquartered in Burlington Ontario Van Wagner Marketing Solutions (VWMS) is a total marketing solutions provider. VWMS provides marketing strategy, education, digital marketing, and marketing automation to deliver exceptional results for its customers.