About Van Wagner Marketing Solutions (VWMS)

“Marketing as you need it.” Traditional marketing consulting is not always the answer. At Van Wagner Marketing Solutions, I provide a set of flexible marketing solutions to match your specific marketing needs. You have the freedom to choose a marketing solution that fits your budget, your degree of urgency and your desire to gain marketing knowledge. As a result, you don’t overpay for marketing services you do not need.

Marketing Consulting

Marketing consulting makes sense if you need a solution to your marketing issues quickly; you have a budget to support the hiring of a marketing consultant, and you lack the in-house resources to address your marketing issues.
Van Wagner Marketing Solutions provides professional marketing consulting for a wide range of marketing needs, such as:

  • Developing marketing plans
  • Digital marketing i.e. websites, SEO, content marketing, social media and mobile marketing
  • Marketing strategy
  • Branding
  • Marketing communications
  • Marketing automation

Free no obligation estimates, coupled with flexible, competitive payment options makes Van Wagner Marketing Solutions consulting service the best choice for hiring a marketing consultant. I have an extensive marketing background (see Scott’s bio) on both the practical and theoretical side of marketing. I have also written (see Think, Plan, Prosper) on marketing strategy.

If you think marketing consulting is for you, you can contact me quickly and easily by clicking on the contact button at the bottom of the page.

Total Marketing

Toronto Marketing Consulting

“Total Marketing” describes the VWMS approach to providing successful business solutions to our customer’s needs. Total marketing is based upon the idea that it takes more than just strategy, or digital marketing to deliver a successful solution for customers. The total marketing approach also brings marketing education and marketing automation to the solution, going beyond traditional marketing consulting. For more details on our “Total Marketing” approach click on total marketing link to go to our Total Marketing page.

Marketing Education

No budget to hire marketing help? No problem. Van Wagner Marketing Solutions marketing education service is a great solution for you. The marketing education service is a DIY model for getting help with your marketing issues.

Van Wagner Marketing Solutions education service provides a variety of marketing education options, such as:

  • Free chapters from Scott’s Think, Plan, Prosper book on developing marketing plans are available here.
  • Free marketing tools are available here.
  • Think, Plan, Prosper – A Guide for the Creation of Marketing Plans in the Digital Marketing Age” may be purchased here.
  • Customizable lunch and learn sessions can be developed for your staff.
  • Hire Scott to speak on a wide variety of marketing topics.
  • Create a customized marketing course for your organization.
  • Sign-up to attend a Think, Plan, Prosper Seminar.

With broad experience delivering marketing education to a variety of learners, a wide cross section marketing education services, and prices ranging from free to custom fees Van Wagner Marketing Solutions marketing education service has something to offer for everyone.

If you think marketing education is for you, you can contact me quickly and easily by filling up the contact form below.