“Total Marketing from VWMS”

What if you really could get the marketing help you need?

Why not take advantage of all of the marketing tools available to you? This is the concept behind Total Marketing. The VWMS Total Marketing system combines Marketing strategy, education, automation and digital marketing into a powerful, targeted approach to addressing your marketing needs.

Why Choose VWMS?

Because you get … “Marketing as you need it.”

Consulting is not always the answer. That’s why you will find a wide variety of marketing educational information, both free and paid, on this site. Similarly, despite the quickly growing number of digital marketers, digital marketing is not always the answer. Maybe what is really required is an evaluation of where you are and a path for how to get you there.

At VWMS, I provide marketing as you need it. That means understanding your business questions, issues and aspirations. Beyond that, it means finding the one best way of addressing them.

VWMS Value

Flexibility provides you with choice. Choice with respect to payment options, the services provided and the ability to match your budget to a solution. Flexibility means you do not have to overpay or undersubscribe – you get what you need.
Range refers to the variety of service options available. By offering a wide range of services at VWMS, you can take the time to review your options and determine what will work for you. From the complex to the simple – you get what you need.
Experience in a wide variety of business and academic environments (see Scott’s bio.) creates confidence. When you have seen and done a lot of different things it is easier to understand the other person's position and plot a path to help. Experience means better results.
Knowledge allows for a strategic view of practical problems. Knowledge also means the opportunity to share it and pass it along, growing your ability to handle business issues. Lastly knowledge allows for the vision to get to the root of issues quickly, saving time and money.
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